5 Reasons Not to Email an Excel Sheet

Today cloud technologies of various types are being actively implemented in many spheres of life, including sending Excel sheets.

The Connection between Excel and Cloud Technology

One of the most important areas of application of “clouds” should be the library, where the production of information in electronic form has developed. It became impossible to preserve and effectively use it by the usual methods.

The library of the XXI century acts as a knowledge organizer. It is cloud technologies that will allow library knowledge and information to overcome existing barriers: geographic, technological, social. The main thing is not to feverishly transfer all library processes to the “clouds”, but to develop a transition plan and competently take advantage of all the advantages of the current situation.

In the digital era, Exel needs to emphasize its uniqueness in the field of ensuring the interests of users, and for this – to provide services that meet modern requirements, to form such services in which libraries and their resources will become available to the user exactly when and where he needs it. The modern world accumulates more and more multimedia information – images, audio, and video recordings. In the library of the future, data in different formats must be organically linked. This is where cloud technologies should help. At the same time, librarians need not only to learn how to use them themselves but also to help users in this.

Why Shouldn’t You Email an Excel Sheet?

Implementing email virtualization services can face many challenges. In order to avoid this and increase work productivity, it is important to understand the 5 nuances of sending Excel sheet:

  1. It is necessary to regularly organize practical exercises to study the technology of work in specific cloud services.
  2. A virtual business space. Currently, a lot of systems have been created and are being developed, focused on improving the efficiency of various organizations by transferring part of their functioning processes to the online environment.
  3. Modernization pursues such goals as increasing the level of mobility of the organization and control over the activities of employees, improving the systematization and efficiency of process management.
  4. Most often, free online offices include word processing, spreadsheet processors, a service for creating presentations, and an Internet cloud file storage service with file-sharing functions.
  5. Allow you to use online spreadsheets, text editors, e-mail, and calendars that have become indispensable online.

Such a system is intended only for sales and performs functions without additional features. The advantage of this system is the ability to integrate with a huge variety of services. The system is easy to set up and quickly adapt to work. But this system does not have the ability to organize in a boxed version. The advantages of this system are ease of use, preservation of all interaction with customers in one system, integration with various messengers and additional systems to expand the capabilities of the system, it is possible to compose the functionality of the system individually for the enterprise, and the system also allows you to scan business cards using a mobile application.

The Excel system has access to a repository where company documents can be placed. There is a possibility of integration with additional services. There is an opportunity to work with a sales funnel. Using the system, you can organize mailings, use letter templates, filter clients, maintain statistics. Automation capabilities using the “Digit” service will help you create a scenario of a business process, automate work, choose an advertisement, send notifications to clients.